Petroleum Workers Threaten Strike After 21 Days Over Unpaid Salaries

The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) on Sunday, June 3, issued a 21-day ultimatum to employers in the Nigerian oil and gas sector to address workers’ welfare or witness a total shutdown.

Speaking at a news conference in Lagos, NUPENG president, Williams Akporeha, said that over 500 union members have not been paid after working for some international oil companies.

Aside that, he further disclosed that the companies have continuously ill-treated the workers who are also casuals.

According to him, the companies did not allow for unionisation, refused collective bargaining negotiation, non-payment of end of contract benefits and practice other anti-labour activities.

“This is alien to our extant industrial rules. Some of the workers have died, while others are roaming the streets because they could not get their money,” Akporeha said.

“A prominent oil company which is among the debtors claimed that it cannot locate the contractor who hired the workers to do the job. This is sad.’’

The NUPENG president further called on the oil companies to prevail on such contractors to do the needful as it was criminal and a slap to the government.

“It is few months to the expiration of the agreement and Petroleum Tanker Drivers have shown considerable tolerance and endurance in the denial of their rights,’’ he said.

Akporeha said the ultimatum would take effect from tomorrow and urged the affected organisations to resolve contending issues to avoid further action.

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