Nigerian Pharmacist Commits Suicide After Killing His Cameroonian Wife, Daughter

A Nigerian pharmacist, Olasunkanmi Esho, who is based in Chicago, has reportedly shot his Cameroonian wife, Bourk Esho, 33, and their 7-year-old daughter, Olivia Esho, after which he shot and killed himself.

It is unclear if the couple had any disagreement prior to the incident but what remains clear is that the dead bodies of the family of three were found in a home in west suburban Chicago

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Darien Police Department had started investigations into the tragedy which happened in an apartment building on 75th Street, Farmingdale Drive.

The report said the police responded to a call about shots fired, adding that the police found the three family members dead.

The couple were said to have been survived by their 13-year-old son and four-year-old daughter. Olivia, the eight-year-old girl, reportedly died in the arms of her 13-year-old brother.

According to the report, the 13-year-old son, upon hearing the gunshots outside their house, ran to call his mom to report the incident, not knowing that his father had shot her dead.

“When he rushed in, he saw his sister bleeding and he carried her to seek for help but she died in his arms. He couldn’t control his tears as responders arrived at the scene,” the report says.

The coroner’s office on Monday said the couple and their daughter all died of gunshot wounds.

After the shooting, Darien police said there was no threat to the community.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user, Djeric Lemessi, who claimed to be a family friend of the couple, said they were survived by two children who were not around at the time.

“Nigerian pharmacist in Chicago shot his Cameroonian wife, their eight-year-old daughter and committed suicide. They are survived by their 13-year-old son and four-year-old daughter.

“This happened yesterday (Sunday) morning in Chicago. The eight-year-old died in the arms of the 13-year-old, who heard gunshots and went to call his mom that he had heard gunshots outside, not knowing that their dad had shot their mom.

“He saw his sister in a pool of blood, carried her to seek help only for her to die in his arms; horrible story. The wife’s parents are from Guzang – Mr and Mrs Mudoh. Good friends of mine,” he wrote.

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