Kirk Franklin calls out Televangelist with 3 Jets asking his Congregants for another One

Jesse Duplantis, leader of the Jesse Duplantis Ministries, is asking his congregation to buy 1 more private jet to add to the 3 the ministry already has.

According to CNN, Duplantis had said Jesus told him to tell his congregation to get him a new plane. He said:

It was one of the greatest statements the Lord ever told me, he said, “Jesse do you want to come up where I’m at? I want you to bleed me for a Falcon 7X.”

All it’s gonna do is it’s going to touch people, it’s going to reach people, it’s going to change lives one soul at a time.

I really believe that if Jesus was physically on the earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey.

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin has, however, called the preacher out.

Kirk, in an Instagram post, encouraged other Christians to stand up to injustices perpetrated by other Christians in the church. He wrote:

This is Jessie Duplantis. A televangelist who has (three) planes, and is now telling us that “Jesus” wants us to buy him another one. I’m posting this because now that we see popular culture stand up to the injustices in mainstream society, I believe the church should do the same for its own as well. WE should take the lead when there is an abuse of power that affects our message to the masses; our silence can be as loud as the bigotry and racism we see in the public square. Many of these “ministries” built their wealth on the backs of poor rural minorities that put their trust in the hands of “god’s shepherds” only to see the prosperity benefit those doing the preaching. Again, there are GREAT Christian leaders, and there is NOTHING wrong with having a plane… but if the burden falls on the less fortunate and GREED is the check written by those drowning in socio-economic rivers of systemic disparities, GOD is not flying that plane.

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