Delivery Man In Trouble For Spitting On Pizza Delivered To Customer

A delivery man has put himself in trouble after he was caught spitting on a pizza he delivered to a customer.

According to a report published on Thursday on Hurriyet Daily News, the delivery man, identified as Burak S. could get up to 18 years in prison for spitting on a pizza he delivered to a customer.

It was gathered that Burak S. was caught via an apartment camera spitting on a pizza in the western Turkish province of Eskişehir back in December 2017.

The accused was sacked by the relevant pizza firm immediately after the incident was uncovered and the matter was taken to the court.

The man, however, denied the charges, and said he had just “blown on the pizza to clean the dust off it,” in his statement.

It was also learnt that two different lawsuits were filed against the delivery man: One at the commercial court and the other at the heavy penal court.

The news outlet added:

The trial process has already started at the Eskişehir Commercial Court, with the second hearing taking place on July 11. The court heard the witnesses at the hearing, during which a relative of the apartment owner said he saw Burak S. spitting on the pizza while watching the relevant video footage. The court postponed the trial to Nov. 14.

At the same time, a second lawsuit was filed at the Eskişehir Heavy Penal Court, for which the prosecutor has sought from two to 15 years jail time for “putting people’s lives and health at risk by spoiling the content of food” and four months to three years for “damage to property.”

The first hearing at the heavy penal court is expected to take place in the upcoming days.

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