Boxing hero Mike Tyson reveals how he used to wage psychological warfare on his opponents

Mike Tyson, nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet”, ended his career with an incredible 50—6-2 record – including 44 knockouts.

Undersized for a heavyweight at just 5ft 10ins, Tyson more than made up for his deficiencies with a warrior spirit and aggression that often defeated his opponents before a punch was thrown.

Now 50, the former world champion lifted the lid on his unique mental preparation that gave him the edge over his rivals at the time in a documentary called “Tyson”.

“When I come out I have supreme confidence but I’m scared to death,” he said.

“I’m totally afraid. I’m afraid of everything, I’m afraid of losing. I’m afraid of being humiliated.

“But I’m totally confident. The closer I get to the ring, the more confident I get.

“All during my training I’ve been afraid of this man, I thought that this man may be capable of beating me. I’ve dreamed of him beating me.

“But the closer I get to the ring, the more confident I am.

“Once I’m in the ring, I’m a god. Nobody can beat me.”

Earlier this year, the veteran brawler released a bizarre rap music video featuring a host of bikini-clad babes that went viral across the web.

The hilarious diss track was apparently aimed at Soulja Boy, who challenged Tyson protégée Chris Brown to a charity boxing match recently.

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